VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale (VCAP5-DCA)

I have been keen to do the VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale (VCAP5-DCA) course for a while now, but since I pay for all my own training myself I’ve been waiting for someone to offer it at a reasonable price before parting with a few thousand pounds.

Well, at last, that time has finally come because Trainsignal now offer a fantastic monthly price for all there course and have also recently added the VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale (VCAP5-DCA) course to their portfolio.

This is the first Trainsignal course that I have taken, and am thoroughly enjoying the delivery method and content. If you’re feeling generous and would like to give me some free credits towards my own subscription, then please sign up using this custom link – thanks!

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Author: Jon Munday

An independent IT contractor with a strong focus on VMware virtualisation and infrastructure operations. I am inspired by technology, not afraid to question the status quo and balance my professional commitments with entertaining my three awesome kids (Ashton, Oliver and Lara).

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