FREE VMware Education

VMware education services have provided some fantastic FREE instructional videos, and the catalogue seems to be growing. If you haven’t already visited then head over and check it out.

I find these particularly useful, especially on my daily commute, as they are short informative and I don’t have to do any reading (see examples below).

New Feature Overview for vSphere 5.1

A high level introduction to what’s new in vSphere 5.1, including new functionality in the web client, single sign-on, data protection, vSphere Replication, Auto Deploy, vShield Endpoint, and many other improvements.

Configuring vNetwork Distributed Switches

Brian Watrous provides an overview on configuring distributed virtual switches, one of two options that vSphere virtual networking supports.

Update : October 2015

All videos have been moved to The links have been updated to reflect this.

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