RVTools Version 3.6, FREE download

RVTools has been publicly available since 2008, and the latest version is now available for FREE download – thanks Rob de Veij, awesome work!

Version 3.6 (February, 2014)
  • New tabpage with cluster information
  • New tabpage with multipath information
  • On vInfo tabpage new fields HA Isolation response and HA restart priority
  • On vInfo tabpage new fields Cluster affinity rule information
  • On vInfo tabpage new fields connection state and suspend time
  • On vInfo tabpage new field The vSphere HA protection state for a virtual machine (DAS Protection)
  • On vInfo tabpage new field quest state.
  • On vCPU tabpage new fields Hot Add and Hot Remove information
  • On vCPU tabpage cpu/socket/cores information adapted
  • On vHost tabpage new fields VMotion support and storage VMotion support
  • On vMemory tabpage new field Hot Add
  • On vNetwork tabpage new field VM folder.
  • On vSC_VMK tabpage new field MTU
  • RVToolsSendMail: you can now also set the mail subject
  • Fixed a datastore bug for ESX version 3.5
  • Fixed a vmFolder bug when started from the commandline
  • Improved documentation for the commandline options

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FREE VMware Education

VMware education services have provided some fantastic FREE instructional videos, and the catalogue seems to be growing. If you haven’t already visited http://vmwarelearning.com/ then head over and check it out.

I find these particularly useful, especially on my daily commute, as they are short informative and I don’t have to do any reading (see examples below).

New Feature Overview for vSphere 5.1

A high level introduction to what’s new in vSphere 5.1, including new functionality in the web client, single sign-on, data protection, vSphere Replication, Auto Deploy, vShield Endpoint, and many other improvements.

Configuring vNetwork Distributed Switches

Brian Watrous provides an overview on configuring distributed virtual switches, one of two options that vSphere virtual networking supports.

Update : October 2015

All videos have been moved to https://www.youtube.com/user/VMwareLearning. The links have been updated to reflect this.

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