Update Manager : Online depot for HP and Dell extensions

If you use Update Manager and have either HP or Dell hosts then this simple VUM configuration will save you from manually downloading VIB’s and importing them into your patch repository.

Switch to admin view, select configuration, download settings and add these two vendor URL’s into your list of download sources;

Repeat this for each download source, validate the URL, and once complete your configuration should look like this;


Now you can initiate a download task, and you should see the extensions in your patch repository (see examples below) which can be attached as needed. I use custom baselines to retain control of what get’s deployed.

Dell updates;


HP updates;


Update 22/10/2015;

Post updated to include the new HPE vibsdepot URL, credits go to EricB (see comments below);

“On November 1, 2015, HP vibsdepot will switch to a new host name of vibsdepot.hpe.com. Please replace any use of vibsdepot.hp.com to the new vibsdepot.hpe.com after November 1, 2015. HP vibsdepot will be referred to as HPE vibsdepot as of November 1, 2015”

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