PSOD : LINT1 motherboard interrupt

I had a Dell R815 host crash yesterday, with the following PSOD error message;

The system has found a problem on your machine and cannot continue.
LINT1 motherboard interrupt. This is a hardware problem; please contact your hardware vendor.


When I checked the system logs on the iDRAC, I could see a bus fatal error logged;

System Event Logs

Critical18:24:36The watchdog timer expired.
Normal18:16:37An OEM diagnostic event has occurred.
Critical18:16:36A bus fatal error was detected on a component at bus 4 device 4 function 0.

I ran the integrated hardware diagnostics using the system services on boot (F10) which confirmed these errors, but only because it read the system logs. I find this really annoying because if I had cleared the event logs prior to running the hardware diagnostics no errors would have been reported, and now I’m not sure if the hardware is faulty or not. Here are the reported errors;



Either way I can’t put it back into production without further analysis and need to find out what hardware component is located at bus 4 device 4 function 0 so that I can log a support call to Dell. It turns out this is really easy, using the lspci command which returns detailed info on all PCI devices.

lspci prints the device syntax in the [domain]:[bus]:[device].[function] format, so it’s easy to add the device information to grep the specific component without seeing all the other PCI devices. Here is what mine returned;


~ # lspci | grep '000:004:04.0'
000:004:04.0 Bridge: PLX Technology, Inc. PEX 8624 24-lane, 6-Port PCI Express Gen 2 (5.0 GT/s) Switch [ExpressLane]

~ # lspci --help
lspci   -p --pciinfo   Prints detailed info on all PCI devices
        -n --nolookup  Don't look up PCI device names and info
        -d --dump      Print hex dump of the full config space
        -v --verbose   Verbose information

So now I know there was a problem with the PCI bridge and can log this to Dell in the hope that they simply replace the component under warranty.

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Author: Jon Munday

An independent IT contractor with a strong focus on VMware virtualisation and infrastructure operations. I am inspired by technology, not afraid to question the status quo and balance my professional commitments with entertaining my three awesome kids (Ashton, Oliver and Lara).

2 thoughts on “PSOD : LINT1 motherboard interrupt”

  1. Just wanted to know if replacing the bridge resolved your issue. I am facing the same PSOD with the same error on the same device.

    1. Hi Seth,

      Yes, replacing the hardware components did resolve this issue – but I’m afraid I’ve had so many Dell hardware replacements I can’t recall exactly which components were replaced in this instance. Dell may even have taken the sledgehammer approach and swapped out the whole system board as they were unable to explicitly identify the fault with their DSET reports.

      I would run a DSET and log the support case with Dell to get the parts replaced under warranty if you’re still covered.


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