Work Smart, not Hard – Automate Custom Attributes

I’m not sure how widely vCenter custom attributes are used in general, but I certainly find them useful for a summary of important information in a single view (the VM summary tab). The only problem with using additional annotations, is that the data only becomes useful if it is maintained and can be relied upon. … Continue reading “Work Smart, not Hard – Automate Custom Attributes”

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FIX : HP ESXi 5.x Management Bundles

HP have just released updated VIB’s to address the bug in the Feb2013 release of the ESXi management bundles. Download both ZIP files and import them into your VUM repository for deployment; HP Agentless Management Service for ProLiant Gen8 HP Insight Management WBEM Providers Limited for ESXi Remediate using VUM; A quick check before deploying … Continue reading “FIX : HP ESXi 5.x Management Bundles”

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BUG : HP ESXi 5.0 Complete Bundle Update 1.6

There is a bug in the latest HP ESXi 5.0 bundle update 1.6 (released Jan/Feb 2013) which reports a hardware status warning with your HP Smart Array P410 controller. Once you install the latest VIB’s you will see this warning on the hardware status tab; To fix this; Remove the VIB’s for HP ESXi 5.0 … Continue reading “BUG : HP ESXi 5.0 Complete Bundle Update 1.6”

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Update Manager : Online depot for HP and Dell extensions

If you use Update Manager and have either HP or Dell hosts then this simple VUM configuration will save you from manually downloading VIB’s and importing them into your patch repository. Switch to admin view, select configuration, download settings and add these two vendor URL’s into your list of download sources;             ➡ New URL, effective … Continue reading “Update Manager : Online depot for HP and Dell extensions”

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